A Wonderful Review of My Face Painting from a Wonderful Mother

I received a message on my Face Painting by Cynnamon Facebook page from a Mother that loved my work so much that she wanted to know when I was available before she scheduled her daughter’s party. She was having the Barbie themed birthday party for her Daughter at Mulligans Family Fun Center in Murrieta, which is a full hour away from me so normally I require a 2 hour minimum to travel that far. But her party was only going to have about 7-8 little girls (it would take me less than an hour to paint them) and a few adults and she really wanted my services so since I was not booked and Sunday’s are lighter days for me anyways, I decided to make the drive. PLUS, how could I say no to her with all of the wonderful compliments she gave me on my work and she wanted me to be her daughter’s surprise for her 6th birthday so how could I refuse!? The party was wonderful! First of all, Mulligan’s is AWESOME! What a cool place with a huge arcade, rides, laser tag, special rooms to have birthday parties and more!  It was a gloomy day with off-and-on rain and the place was still packed! The family I face painted for were so friendly! The Birthday girl was first, as always, and she wanted the rainbow butterfly face paint design. She loved it so much with all of the glitter, red lipstick and long extended eyelashes that ALL of the rest of the girls wanted the same thing! We tried to talk the little girls into getting different designs but nope, they wanted the same one as the birthday girl. They All looked adorable and were happy, so me and the Mother were happy too. I painted the Mother, Grandmother, Dad and the Brother of the birthday girl and at the end, they were so sweet and all clapped for me to say thank you. I swear I think I turned 3 different shades of red but it warmed my heart. I guess it was like my own standing ovation. haha. I’ll never forget that. To my surprise, that very evening, I received a notification that the Mother, Francine, had sent me a message on my facebook page and this is what it said:

Face Painting at a Barbie Themed Birthday party at Mulligan's in Murrieta

Face Painting at a Barbie Themed Birthday party at Mulligan’s in Murrieta

“Hi Cynnamon,
Your face painting is AMAZING!!! Thank you so much for everything today! Everyone loved it and we know that our daughter will be requesting your facepainting for years to come!! It was a pleasure meeting you and we will definately be calling you in the future. p.s. Our son is now thinking about balloon twisting 😉” – ~Francine and Bella from Murrieta

And with that wonderful review of my face painting services, she took the time to create this collage and upload it so that I had the pictures from the event.

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Children Enjoy Face Painting More Than Toys!

Face Painting is so Fun for Children

The major joy in my job as a professional face painter is how much joy it brings to children! My favorite moment is always the first time the children I paint see their face when they look in the mirror. Their smiles could light the room and sometimes I even get a scream of joy or an “Oh. MY. God”. But even more than the joy I get from the children when they first see their face, is the fun it brings to them for the rest of the party. This picture shows a little girl that wanted to be a blue tiger and that’s just what I painted. She sat perfectly still while I painted her (like almost all children do) and after I was done, she no longer talked during the party. She would only rawr and the whole party she used her imagination to pretend she was a real-life tiger. After-all, she WAS! 🙂

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Face Painting Fun for Children at Birthday Parties

Face Painting Fun for Children at Birthday Parties

There are many reasons I love my job as a professional face painter but my top two reasons are the children’s reactions when they see their face in the mirror for the first time and the second is the joy it brings them for the rest of the party. This is a picture of an adorable little girl that I painted at a birthday party in Chino Hills last weekend. She knew she wanted to be a blue tiger before she even looked at my display board and after I painted her, she BECAME that tiger. She spent the rest of the birthday party “RAWRING” at the guests, brining laughter and “awww’s”. Everyone took pictures and the parents of the party continually complimented my work. It warms my heart that my face painting could bring so much life, laughter and joy into a party and that is exactly why I love what I do.

One of my favorite stories about a beautiful bday girl with no hair

One of my favorite face painting stories is when I was hired to face paint at a birthday party (when I first started my face painting company) at a park in Rancho cucamonga for a little girl that did not have any hair. I believe she was celebrating her 11th or 12th birthday. She had so many friends and I was humbled by her and her elegant confidence. Normally, I have a very small space on a child’s forehead to paint my designs because of their hairline, but on this little girl, I had a larger space and I utilized it. I painted a flower with swirls around her eyes and when I was done, she loved it! She stood behind me the rest of the party and spoke to me asking questions about how I started painting, if I use to paint when I was her age, how I learned, etc…When I was done face painting all of her friends and party guests, she asked if I would paint flowers down her arm so I did, and when I showed her the mirror to see her face painting design along with her-now-painted-arm, she said in the most sincere and genuine tone that I made her feel like a work of art. It was the most amazing feeling to see her smile light up in that mirror and I swear there was a moment frozen in time where she was just admiring herself and I was frozen there smiling and observing her, not wanting the moment to end. I could tell she knew just how beautiful she was and I will never forget her. Image

Please keep in mind this is a picture of my work within only 1-3 months of me painting. I was very much a beginner just doing something I enjoyed and practicing till I got much better than this. 🙂 

My face painting featured in the Cry Wolf Music video by Kristinia DeBarge

I had the pleasure and the honor to face paint at Kristinia DeBarge’s new music video for her new hit single, Cry Wolf. It was an amazing opportunity and Im so happy to have this new service added to my face painting portfolio! I was given this opportunity by an amazing friend named Julian Miranda, who actually happens to be Kristinia’s Music Manager and he is also the owner and DJ for an entertainment company called StandingOMusic. I am so grateful and I had to share my experience with you!

I showed up to the music video shoot location at a beautiful house in Rancho Cucamonga around 7:30pm and was directed to the makeup tent where I was to set up. There were already backup dancers in the tent ready to perform and their makeup was already done by a very well known makeup artist named Spencer Barnes. Spencer was busy doing Kristinia DeBarge’s makeup and she looked stunning! I had a chance to meet Spencer and what a humble guy he was! Little did I know he has done makeup for tons of celebrities and is well known for his work on the show, House and specifically on the actress Olivia Wilde.

I set up my paint in the tent and was instructed to grab the main artist and start working on his wolf inspired mask. I will admit, I was very nervous and all I could think about was that it was going to be in the video and had to be perfect!!! I had butterflies in my stomach the whole time hoping that everyone would like what I had come up with. Im lucky the main actor was such a great looking guy because I think he would have looked good no matter what I painted on his face.


After painting the main actor for the music video, I had a little bit of time to watch the magic happen. Kristinia and her backup dancers had already started filming their choreography and her singing to the music for one scene and setting of the shoot. All of the backup dancers had black masquerade masks on and Kristinia was the only one not wearing one. It was perfect because although the choreography was amazing and it was hard to keep your eyes off of the dancers, she still stuck out as the beauty within all of it and her dancing really flowed with the rest of the dancers. I found out that the choreographer of the music video was very well known, named Jesse Lee Santos. He has choreographed a ton of well known celebrities from Justin Timberlake, Janet Jackson and even Brittany Spears!


After watching the cameras capture Kristinia and her dancers going through the same dance in that one setting for about 10 times, I snapped back to reality and had to get to work painting the masquerade masks on some of the backups and extras that would be featured in the “party scene” of the Music video. I was still very nervous and wasn’t really sure how much time I had so I decided to make the first two masks simple yet glamourous. I painted one a metallic pink color and then glued pretty crystals to the outside of it. The girl I painted was very sweet and happened to be a good friend that grew up with Kristinia. I thought it as sweet that Kristinia wanted her friends to be in her video rather than just models that were hired to play the part.


The second masquerade mask I painted was a simple metallic purple mask with gold embellishments on it. She loved her mask and was also a good friend of Kirstinia’s.


I then painted two more masks that I added much more detail to, because I realized that I had much more time than I thought I had! I overheard someone saying the video shoot would be going on till 4 in the morning! It was about 9:30 at night at this point and the camera men were just starting to move their equipment to start shooting at the new setting by the pool. It would not be till after they shot enough times at this setting that they would move to shooting the party scene that would potentially get footage of the masks I was painting.



After painting the last mask, I went to watch in awe of Kristinia and her dancers doing yet another choreographed dance to the scene by the pool and in new outfits. Kristinia was now in a feather top and red bottoms that was just beautiful on her and they were dancing on what looked like a stage on the other side of the pool. I can’t believe how many times they re-did that dance to insure that the videographers got perfect footage and that the dancers and Kristinia were all in sync. I knew the song by heart after only the first setting, at this point, we were all singing the full song and no one could sit still. We were either dancing ourselves or at least moving our head to the beat.


As I stood up on the platform watching the dancers and Kristinia being filmed along with everyone else, I had the chance to meet the flame dancer that was hired for the music video. Her name was Eve Greenko, and I was mesmerized by how beautiful she moved with fire in her hands. She was twirling the fire around her body and legs and arms so effortlessly I couldn’t stop watching her. She is available for hire at other events and parties too and I am looking forward to keeping in touch with her and hopefully use her services one day!


Overall I learned a lot about how music videos work and I am so grateful for the experience and the knowledge. The premier of the music video was at the Belasco Theater last Thursday on Sept 27th where everyone was able to see the final cut of the actual video. My work was displayed in numerous parts of the video and I could not be happier! I still get butterflied just thinking about it! I get excited for everyone, for Kristinia, for Spencer, for Eve and even for Julian! I wish nothing but success for Kristinia DeBarge and everyone involved in the making of her music video, Cry Wolf! 

Sugar Skull face painting great for Halloween!

Halloween is fast approaching and I can’t help but notice how popular these sugar skull’s or Day of the Dead skulls have become! If you are going to be a sugar skull for halloween, or you are planning on celebrating the Day of the Dead next year, call me today to book your face painting appointment: 909-418-7188.




Face Painting by Cynnamon Commercial

This video was made for my face painting company to document my love and passion of face painting and help people that might be considering my face painting services for their party to make their decision easier. I often get asked how and why I started my face painting company and this video clearly states why. I was very nervous in front of the camera but it still captured my love for what I do every weekend. After all, I do create smiles at birthday parties and events all over the Inland Empire, Orange County and the San Gabriel Valley. I hope you enjoy it!