My first face painting Blog Post

I am very excited to start my face painting blog to both share my work and also give great suggestions about the world of face painting. So to start, Id like to introduce myself and share my story.

My name is Cynnamon Simonson and for the last 5 years I have been a marketing specialist helping businesses with their advertising needs. I love working with business owners and I have learned a ton about different industries and all kinds of advertising from print to online. I am currently still in marketing but I specialize in online advertising now and work for a great company called ReachLocal during the week. I plan on keeping this part of my career in my life, but now it will be shared with weekends full of face painting fun and creating beautiful works of art.

So now to answer a question that is posed to me almost every day; “how did I get into face painting”? As far as I can remember I have enjoyed coloring, drawing, calligraphy and doodling. I use to draw as a child and got very good at drawing horses and doing calligraphy. Then in high school I would doodle on everything from my arm to the borders of my classwork and homework. Then about a year ago, I was asked by a family member if I would do simple face painting at my little cousins fairy-themed party. I was happy to and at that party I had such a great time! Face Painting brought so much joy to every child and I specifically remember this adorable little blonde girl about 4 years old that was so excited to be a princess. I drew a crown on her forehead and the look in her eyes and the way her face lit up when she finally saw herself in the mirror was priceless. I was hooked! Not only did I do something I loved, I brought joy to these kids and it fulfilled my heart more than I can describe. I became obsessed with looking at other face painter’s work, watching videos and tutorials on face painting and studying a technique called the one stroke that creates beautifully colorful and blended designs in a very quick time.

Today, I own my own company, Face Painting by Cynnamon, and enjoy painting in the Inland Empire in Southern California almost every weekend at all kinds of events from birthday parties, company events and grand openings, family gatherings, celebrations, carnivals and festivals and much more. I love my life and I cannot wait to see where this new adventure takes me.